The IIDA House was built as a church manor before 1844. Over time, it has also had a community house and apartments. The house is under heritage protection.
Since 2017, here is home for the IIDA Craft School and the IIDA Weaving Museum.
On the ground floor there is a craft school and a museum, as well as a kitchen, 2 toilets and 1 shower room. The second floor has 3 bedrooms, guests living room and washroom.

I established the IIDA Craft School ten years ago. Organizing and teaching weaving courses has always meant accommodating and catering to overnight guests/students. My passion is looms. I founded the IIDA Weaving Museum in 2016 when I got the first unique Jacquard loom with a wooden mechanical computer head. Now we have quite a few more.

You are welcome at our small manor, where there is room for accommodation, training and heritage.

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